After how long time wearing dentures face get old and sad expression?

Answer i have had dentures for over 30 years now & face is still the same just get ones that fit well & they will be fine

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Does wearing makeup really damage your face in the long run?

You'll only age faster and bad skin if you: 1. Wear way too much (I mean foundation with concealer, powder and blush on top, not just a little powder) 2. Don't wash it off at night3. Don't put on s... Read More »

Can you play trumpet while wearing dentures?

It is possible to play a trumpet while wearing dentures. Famous musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Chet Baker resumed playing the trumpet after getting dentures, although they struggled to regai... Read More »

Studies have shown that the best salespeople are those who manage their time efficiently face to face selling time has decreased to as little as percent of total working time?

After wearing braces a long time ago is it possible for your teeth to start misaligning and if misalignment is not severe is there any way to revert it without braces or surgery?

Answer Yes. The way you chew, wisdom teeth growing in (or being taken out), etc. can cause them to slowly move. You could get a retainer to wear at night to slow the movement.