After foreclosure does the bank have to pay the condo fees in Florida?

Answer Read the governing documents to verify the language, which probably states that a unit owner is responsible for monthly assessments -- regardless of the state in which the association is located. S... Read More »

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Have Florida legislators passed a law to force condo owners to pay their condo fees?

no but trying to If a condo owner falls more than 90 days in arrears of association, the right to use common areas can be suspended by the association until such dues are paid.

Can the foreclosed former owner of a condo be charged with trespassing on condo property in Florida after the new certificate of title as been issued to the bank?

Since trespassing is a legal matter, you are best advised to contact your local police authority if you either want a definition of trespassing or want to press charges of trespassing.

I received a foreclosure notice for back condo fees Is there anything you can do to slow this procdure if i wont have the for a couple months?

It sounds like you are working with the association's board.It is possible that you can negotiate with the board regarding the unpaid assessments, and sign a promissory note or other legal agreemen... Read More »

Do you have to pay condo fees if condo does not follow guide lines?

Your attempt to correlate your obligation to pay your assessments with the board's responsibility to follow the governing documents is not a valid correlation. Read your governing documents to conf... Read More »