After fertilization what are the signs 5 days after?

Answer You wouldn't have symptoms just 5 days afterwards. The earliest is 2 weeks later

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Are you pregnant if you're 9 days late and 4 different tests were negative but your breasts have been sore for about 3 days but you don't have any other pregnancy signs?

Answer it is very unlikely that you are pregnant if tests are still showing up negative at that point, however ask your doctor to do a blood test- that should confirm whether or not you are pregnant.

If you had unprotected sex 11 days before your period was due and now your breasts have been sore for the past four days could it just be menstrual signs or is it likely you are pregnant?

Answer Yes. You can get pregnant 14 days before and after your period. So it is possible to be pregant 4 days before your period.

Would you have any signs of pregnancy at 9 days?

Answer No this is not very likely as many women don't start experiencing symptoms of pregnancy until a month or so and they have missed a period Hope this helps God Bless!

Can you get signs of pregnancy a few days after sex?

I'm not too sure on this topic but i am still due to take a test. I was on holidays a couple of weeks ago and had sex with my b/f of 6 years. A couple of days i just strted having crampy pains and ... Read More »