After fafsa estimation, now what ?

Answer The colleges will figure out your need based on the fafsa info, and of course that number will change once you do your corrections. Some school apply for grants on your behalf, but you need to call... Read More »

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What happens after I submit my FAFSA?

After you hit the "Submit" button it will give you an EFC number and a conformation number. Be sure to print out or save this page. Your EFC is the number your schools will use to determine what ... Read More »

What happens after I receive my SAR from FAFSA?

Great, your FAFSA processed. Now In 3-7 days your school should receive your FAFSA aswell. Wait for your school to ask you for what is called "Verification" IF you are picked for financial aid. For... Read More »

Can I get FAFSA funding after I get an associate's degree?

FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid and is the starting point to apply for post-secondary financial aid provided by the federal government. You can receive funding using the F... Read More »

Do I need to send in my tax return after submitting a FAFSA correction?

More than likely you will have to send a copy, but if they need it, they will request it. Don't send until requested or it will end up in the wrong place and you will end up sending it again.