After eight days can you take a pregnancy test and get correct results?

Answer No, you need to wait another 6 days

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Can you take a pregnancy test a day before your period is due and get correct results?

Yes, if you buy a test that is designed to be used before your period. Some regular tests will work the day before your period is due. Most kits come with two tests, if the first is negative, but y... Read More »

Can you take a pregnancy test 5 days after having sex?

If you are very close to when your period should be or if you have just passed when you should have had your period.

Can you have pregnancy symptoms eight days after sex?

Answer It's possible, but not likely. If you had sex before that day, then you may have gotten pregnant from one of those times and be farther along in your pregnancy than you think. Or you could... Read More »

I had a pregnancy test at drz office about 7 months ago it came up posetive almost instantly so then he took a blood test str8 after got my results next day was a negative why?

you most likely had a miscarriage meaning your hgc levels(hormones that only come from being pregnant) were high enough to get a positive pregnancy test. however if you have a blood test done and t... Read More »