After effect help !!!!!!!?

Answer I presume you mean Adobe After Effect?? Anyway, how are you importing the video?? If you are using a USB connection ... IT WILL NOT WORK!! In order to import you need a firewire connection. For any... Read More »

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Describe the effect of the Business Cycle and how it affects the Real Estate Cycle including the effect it will have on Property Management as a Market Concern?

What's the effect if.?

My credit-card company closes an account I rarely used that had no balance. I have two other active long-term card accounts. Effect: Minimal, unless your balances now top 50% of your remaining cred... Read More »

What is the effect of these?

Since Jupiter is situated in your 11th house, you will be fortunate in many respects; as Jupiter will be aspecting the 3rd (= younger co-borns), the 5th (= merit, children) and the 7th (= spouse, p... Read More »

Will yo yo effect come?

Yoyo dieting happens when a person goes on a diet and then stops at their desired weight without changing their lifestyle. If they don't change the way to eat for the rest of their life, they will ... Read More »