After effect help !!!!!!!?

Answer I presume you mean Adobe After Effect?? Anyway, how are you importing the video?? If you are using a USB connection ... IT WILL NOT WORK!! In order to import you need a firewire connection. For any... Read More »

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Epidural after effect?

It's common fro a woman's gallbladder to go bad during pregnancy.A lot of woman have to get their gallbladders taken out after they have their babies.Some of the symptoms sound like it but not all ... Read More »

The After Effect of Body Oils?

Body oils are used for different purposes, such as moisturizing the skin and soothing the mind. Essential oils are obtained from flowers, trees and plants. Popular in aromatherapy use to treat nume... Read More »

What are some exercises with after-burn effect?

Hi, i saw the video too, and ive been doing it for about 2 weeks and my abs are looking great, ive found the best workouts for me to maximise the afterburn are:For the high intensity cadio bit: do ... Read More »

Research on the Effect of After School Sports Activities on Students?

There is no doubt that after-school sports have a positive impact on childhood obesity. But research on the other supposed positive effects of sports activities on students is not as clear. A look ... Read More »