After downloading the Sims 3, My computer Shuts Down after an hour of playing. Why?

Answer Since you did not state what your computer is, nor the OS, version and update level, nor whether the downloads were from a reputable site, we can only give a generic answer.The install was either b... Read More »

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My PC shuts down after few seconds on loading a game,after i restart the monitor resolution changes to minimum?

I suggest that you update your drivers and try another game. If the other game does not crash your computer, it was the settings for the previous game that crashed your computer. ... Read More »

Does anyone know why my internet shuts down after dark?

That's weird. Does your modem work on solar-power?Better call your internet provider.

Computer shuts down shuts off on its own?

is it a laptop?if it is check underneath if there is a vent with a fan behind it check to see if the fan is working,it might be clogged up with dust and that will cause your cpu to over heat and sh... Read More »

How to Cool Down Your Lips After Playing the Trumpet?

Okay so if you play the trumpet you are probably going to experience a burning sensation in your lips. And if you clicked on this article (obviously you did) You are probably wondering how to cool ... Read More »