After applying foundation, is concealer really necessary?

Answer Is concealer really necessary after applying foundation? Yes and No. Here's why:Concealer can be used alone to cover skin imperfections with no foundation. It depends on the severity of the skin... Read More »

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How to Apply Concealer After Foundation?

Concealer is an important part of any makeup routine. It makes skin look clearer, brighter and well-rested. Contrary to the popular belief that concealer should be applied before foundation, the fo... Read More »

Is it necessary to blow dry hair after applying mousse?

No.Usually a hair diffuser works better .But no you don't need to, you might have to scrunch your hair every now and then till dry.

Should concealer be applied before or after foundation?

Before :) BEACAUSE: Foundation makes your skin tone even and if you put a different color (even a slight color diffence makes a difference) concealer on top your unevening your sk... Read More »

Remedy for Dry Patches After Applying Foundation?

When applying foundation, you should always prepare your skin with gentle cleanser, lotion and loose powder to even out skin tone and ensure best results. However, even if you take all these steps,... Read More »