After ankle sprain problem please help?

Answer Id just go to the doctors anyway, if you don't you wil have a messed up ankle your whole life! Trust me, I injured my knee when I was 10 and its banjaxed still. Same with my dad and he's nearly 50 ... Read More »

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4 months after ankle sprain please help worried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?

You need to see your doctor immediately and have an xray done!

My ankle still hurts after 2/3 years after sprain.?

You can get rid of this pain in your ankle by physiotherapeutic exercises. You need to get it X-rayed to assess how injured it is, and if surgery is a possible option of treatment.

I have a severe ankle sprain! Advice please!?

if u dont see doctor, u may end up amputation later.purple suggests infection. dont muck now and regret could lead to muscular dystrophy

Ankle Sprain Help!!!!!!?

The pattern of bruising you are seeing is perfectly normal. The standard advice is R.I.C.E. which stands for Rest, Ice, Compression (An ACE bandage) and Elevation. It sounds like you have it in con... Read More »