After a format, is your data completely gone?

Answer When you format, full or quick, the data remains.When you list the contents of a hard drive, you are reading the contents of the File Allocation Table. The File Allocation Table is like a map of y... Read More »

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Fastest,easiest,cheapest converting scanned data in standard arial format into pdf or word editable format?

Hi VHere is a link to get FreeOCR software.This program will read the scanned and automatically convert them to .txt or whatever . It will import them automatically into Microsoft Word as text. Th... Read More »

How do you cancel data plan completely on iPhone 4?

AT&T does not allow for any iPhone after the original one to be active without a data plan. The only option would be to unlock it and use it on another carrier that uses SIM cards. You'd also have ... Read More »

how can I COMPLETELY erase data on the hard drive?

Yall don't understand. Data is never actually completely deleted from a hard drive. It is only greatly compressed down to a very small size. Professional programs can usually restore any data that ... Read More »

How do you completely erase data on hard drive?

Theres almost no guaranteed way to completely remove data. Even after deleting, a skilled techie could find your files. and even after writing over files they are still sometimes reachable. The Pen... Read More »