After a concussion heals can you go back to boxing?

Answer know what happens to a boxer's brain? ever see mohammed ali? the brain undergoes necrosis where it is bruised. sure you want that?

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My stretched ear swelled up & the hole looks smaller. Can I put my plug back in after it heals?

You may use smaller diameter plugs as otherwise the holes may get closed and you may be forced to pierce it again.

How soon can I come back after my concussion?

Usually you should take at least 1 week off of everything from reading to work/ school to sports. Most people need more than that to be symptom free but it looks like you have already hit that poin... Read More »

I just got hit in the back of the head with a hockey puck.. would there be obvious symptoms of concussion?

If your good enough to type, don't worry. Getting hit in the head with a puck, a concussion should be the least of your worries. Just go to the hospital. You have insurance right?

When a pimple heals on its own, where does the pus go?

The enzymes that are in the pus cells help to break down the fatty acids and oils that are in the pimple, and this liquified mass drains to the nearby lymph node, where further destruction of the m... Read More »