After a child is adopted does mother still have right?

Answer no

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If the father of the adopted child dies and leave everything to the mother and adopted daughter and they are both beneficiaries to all but the mother of the adopted child did not give anything?

A claim against the deceased's estate may be made in probate court when the will is probated. The court will take it under advisement to ascertain if the claimant has a valid, legal claim. But it ... Read More »

Do you still have to pay child support after your child is adopted by another man?

If a child was adopted by grandparents while mother was incarcerated can the child age 16 go back to live with mother in SC Mother never signed away rights?

Breedz should be downloaded in a zipped (compressed) folder format. That's how all mine were. You can save this file anywhere you choose, as long as you know where it is and it isn't interfering wi... Read More »

Does an unmarried father have to pay child support if he is still helping the mother raise the child?

It depends whether or not the court systems were involved. If the judge decides to give child support to the other then it will happen. Is the child actually the known fathers. Other wise was there... Read More »