After Invisalign Dentists Anyone Else?

Answer Your question is very hard to understand, and a dentist would need to see your problem. Talk with your regular dentist or make an appointment with an orthodontist for a consultation.

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Has anyone else lost weight with invisalign?

You need to stop losing weight. You need to consume a healthy diet of at least 1600 calories, probably more since you dance and exercise so much.Don't use Invisalign as an excuse. All you have to... Read More »

Does Anyone Else Regret Getting invisalign Over Traditional Braces?

I'm so happy I read this.! I need braces now /: so I was thinking about invisalign but when I heard the treatment was as fast, I was really iffy. I haven't got braces yet but I'll prob get traditio... Read More »

Did anyone else grow after jaw surgery?

Did you have a tongue thrust? That is usually the cause of the space in the front teeth area between top and bottom teeth. I would go back to the surgeon and find out if you had a growth spurt or ... Read More »

Anyone else feel fine after having an energy drink?

Yes. Some people do feel so. It may be because you are way too tired whenevr you have it. Or you get used to it over time.Or may be your body takes it as that way which could be immune to caffeine.