After I scan pictures I can't locate them in "my pictures"?

Answer when you buy a new hardware (like your scanner) it comes with a cd that will install some software in your computer to aid running the program. In most cases that software will create its own fold... Read More »

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Why cant i scan pictures ont my computer?

go to your photo programopen itgo to fileimportselect scannerwindow will pop upselect previewselct what you wish to scanhit scanonce it done it will import from the scanner to the photo program you... Read More »

How can I scan pictures on my copier and email them?

Either need a special program or you scan as files to your computer and then attach pics to your emails.E

How do I scan pictures& include them in email?

Place the photos you want to scan individually on the scanner and press "scan." Crop the photo to exclude the extra white or black areas using your scanning software that will appear when the photo... Read More »

I want to scan pictures and put them on my computer, how do i do that?

1) Put your photo in the scanner, face down.2) Press the scan button. On the display, it might say 'scan to', so select that one. It'll scan straight to your computer. 3) The picture will appear in... Read More »