After Drinking Pop, Is It Usual For a Person?

Answer Unusual.. you should NOT be feeling butterflies in your stomach. It might be normal but my friends and I drink soda and we never complain to eachother about this feeling. My brother not only drinks... Read More »

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Why am I such a boring person when I'm not drinking?

Your probably not boring, your just shy. But when you drink your not insecure, and u feel good about yourself.

Can you get AIDS from drinking after a person?

In most situations, you cannot get AIDS from sharing any type of beverage with someone. In order for it to be transmitted, it must come into direct contact with your bloodstream. This will not occu... Read More »

Can a person live just drinking salt water?

Let's say you're alone on a raft in the middle of the South Pacific, with no fresh water to speak of. What are the health implications of drinking salt water?The answer is that we only need a small... Read More »

I sore a ugly person drinking martini the other day! is that allowed?

no it is illegal, you should have reported them!