After 4 dental crowns I lost my bite. :(((?

Answer I know what you mean. I suffered from severe TMJ before I started seeing my periodontist. The first thing he did was adjust my bite. I felt like I could finally relax my jaw. It didn't take lon... Read More »

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How much do dental crowns cost?

Depending on the dental facility location, materials used and complexity of the procedure, the cost of one dental crown ranges between $750 and $3,000 as of 2009. Crowns applied in urban dental off... Read More »

How long do dental onlays/crowns normally hurt?

She may be able to use the same onlays after a root canal. Also, on onlay is usually less expensive than a crown. As the patient, you can always tell her to stop during the procedure. You are in ch... Read More »

Can crowns be removed after they are glued on?

The crown would have to be cut off but it shouldn't damage the underlying tooth structure, though it may have to be re prepared, depending on the time frame in which you change your mind, which mea... Read More »

How to Fix a Lost Dental Crown?

Lost front crownYou're on a business trip, or on vacation or just starting a long weekend. You bite into a sandwich and suddenly feel a small hard object that shouldn't be there. You spit it out an... Read More »