After 2 years straight of being a vegetarian, I'm starting to crave meat?

Answer well you have to question urself- how serious are your beliefs?we all should listen to our bodies- if we did so we would all be healthy (eat when you are hungry, stop when u are full). cravings are... Read More »

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I recently stopped being vegetarian and ask soon as I starting eating meat, my face got filled with bumps.?

Most likely. Meat consumption slows down circulation, which can have a negative effect on both skin and hair.

How to start eating meat again after being vegetarian?

Yay! Welcome back to the real world.Start off with some chicken which is fairly easy to digest before you move onto beef and pork.If you didn't eat any seafood either then add some fish which also... Read More »

Who knows some good vegetarian food that settles the crave for meat?

When I'm craving meat I get some Primal Strips jerky. I never liked beef jerky (because it was too tough) but Primal strips are perfect!I also go for Gardenburger Ribs!If I feel like chicken I get... Read More »

Why do a lot of meat eaters get so offended at the idea of another person being a vegetarian?

Intolerance is a basic human character trait. Intelligent mature people come to realize that it is illogical and overcome the primitive fear of change and different ideas.This goes for racism, sexi... Read More »