Afro Spike Hairstyles?

Answer The afro is a look that's usually associated with the 1970's, but it's a hairstyle that suits many African Americans, men as well as women. The afro requires you to have rougher hair, and floats ar... Read More »

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Different Spike Hairstyles?

With a stiff-hold hairspray and your choice of gel, pomade, hair creme or other product, you can create different spiky hairstyles for work, school and nightlife. Many spike hairstyles are unisex, ... Read More »

Spike Hairstyles for Men?

Most hair-related advertisements and products are aimed at women. But men can have just as much fun with their hair. Men who enjoy an edgy, alternative look can style their hair into one of a varie... Read More »

Women's Spike Hairstyles?

You might hear the term "spiky hair" and immediately think of punk rock and irreverence. Yet spiky hair for women is making a huge comeback; not only are you seeing it on the rock scene, but even i... Read More »

Afro Hairstyles of the 70s?

The Afro, also known as a "natural," was a cultural hairstyle introduced by the African American community in the 1960s and remained trendy throughout the 70s. Prior to the introduction of the "nat... Read More »