African Pottery History?

Answer The history of African pottery is diverse in nature. Each piece of pottery is directly influenced by the region, language, regional religious beliefs, culture, European influence and colonial cultu... Read More »

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History of Colonial Pottery?

What pottery early American colonists produced was mostly for their own use. Without kilns that could produce high-firing temperatures, they typically produced earthenware using local clay. German... Read More »

History of Japanese Pottery?

There are four main types of pottery in Japan; earthenware, unglazed stoneware, glazed pottery and porcelain. Pottery emerged over ten thousand years ago during the prehistoric era. The majority of... Read More »

Information and History of Ancient Indian Pottery?

Ancient Indian pottery exists in a number of styles, and exhibits a wide variety of regional variations throughout the centuries. Most of ancient India's pottery used a combination of spinning on t... Read More »

The History of South African Hip Hop?

During the early 1980s, what started out in the Cape Flats as a youth rebellion turned into today's South African hip hop style and culture. Although artists were influenced by American hip hop, So... Read More »