African American History Art Projects?

Answer Studying African-American history is part of learning about the many people of different ancestries who have contributed to U.S. heritage. It is a way of celebrating African-American sociology, rel... Read More »

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African American Hairstyle History?

African-American hair has a storied history, with numerous variations on popular styles and introductions of new products and appliances taking place throughout the years. The texture of this hair ... Read More »

How to Research African American History?

African American history is a central part of the American story. African American contributions throughout history have ranged from minor to significant, and America was built with the sweat of bo... Read More »

African American History Lessons?

The African American experience provides a rich tapestry of history that offers a series of fascinating lessons. The story of Black America, sweeping back to the populations' earliest arrivals in 1... Read More »

Information on African American History?

African-American history is the branch of history which deals specifically with the history of African-Americans in the United States. Most accounts of African-American history tend to follow the ... Read More »