African American Culture Activities?

Answer Children can learn about African-American culture and history during Black History Month or as a complement to history lessons. These activities can be modified to work for any grade level. Encoura... Read More »

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African American Culture Information?

African-Americans, the second-largest minority group as of 2010, have lived in the United States since the Colonial period. Most African-Americans are the descendants of slaves who worked on Southe... Read More »

Symbols of the African American Culture?

The history of African Americans in the U.S. is one that is long and filled with many triumphs and tribulations. Through their experiences and accomplishments, African American's have developed man... Read More »

How has religion influenced African-American culture?

During slavery, African Americans couldn't worship in white churches, so they often held services in their own churches. After slavery ended, the church became a hallmark of the African-American co... Read More »

Is African-American culture a subculture of the United States?

An ethnic subculture is a group whose members share common traits based on race, language or ancestry. African-American culture is a subculture of the United States, making up 12 percent to 13 perc... Read More »