African American Bridal Hairstyles?

Answer Walking down the aisle and getting married to your true love is probably one of the biggest moments in a woman's life. For women, the hairstyle can set the mood for the occasion. If our hair is out... Read More »

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Bridal Hair Styles for African American Women?

Your wedding day is the day when you should look your best and capture everyone's attention. The African American bride has many beautiful hairstyles to choose from that complement her bridal attir... Read More »

Hairstyles for African-American Men?

African-American men have a very specific type of hair that doesn't allow for some types of hairstyles. But those that are available to the black man can be handsome or hip. Does th... Read More »

Different African American Hairstyles?

There are many different African American hairstyles. African Americans can wear just about any style. Some styles have gone out with the era, but some special hairstyles are timeless. ... Read More »

How to Do African American Hairstyles?

Before styling African-American hair, there are a few steps that will prime the hair for a great end product. African-American hair holds shapes well and is full of volume, which is wonderful for c... Read More »