Advise for anyone who's used to this?

Answer Start with smaller steps so you don't give up. Running a mile when you are not fit or used to it your muscles will hurt and then you won't do it the next day. Start by running 2 blocks until your... Read More »

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Whos is this, anyone know?

Has anyone ever used this medication Montair 10 manufactured by Cipla if you do or if you have used it at one time Please Please give me some feed back thanks..?

yes i have used montair. its very effective and cheap to singular....

Has anyone ever used this brand?

I only used the Get Big lashes mascara and I threw it out after I used it a few times. It was very wet and it didn't do anything to my lashes. They do have really nice lipglosses and there is a lon... Read More »

Can anyone advise on BOSE systems?

Hugely expensive for what they are.If you have a "Richer Sounds" shop anywhere near you ask their advice, and you'll get decent gear for a decent price.