Advice on workout plan?

Answer i think you are the only one that feels exactly when to stop.i would advise you to do just the way you pointed here.just try not to work too may also ask your doctor for an advice about yo... Read More »

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Is it weird if i give workout advice to my friend on facebook?

How to Set Up a Workout Plan?

Starting a workout plan is not an easy task. Much planning must go into deciding what you want to do, when, how and for what reason. Here is a quick overview on starting a workout plan that can hel... Read More »

Is this workout plan appropriate?

Congratulations for balancing your workout!Looking through your plan, I like the fact you are balancing weights and cardio. Then again you are rotating areas worked out to give some kind of rest. ... Read More »

Can someone give me a workout plan?

If you don't get an answer, I asked the same question so refer to mine as well.I'll be looking at your question because I asked the same thing.Good luck man, I weigh 154 so it's miles easier on me.... Read More »