Advice on migraine/bad headache medicine?

Answer He can try natural (herbal) treatment. Read Herbs for headaches are variously anti-inflamatory, antispasmodic, anti-nausea and pain-relieving. Those that treat... Read More »

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How do you get rid of a headache w/o any medicine?

Peppermint great,, the smell and if you dab on both temples is amazing...I use it all the time...If you do not have peppermint oil available try a little Vic Vapo Rub, a spot on both te... Read More »

How can i get rid of a headache without medicine?

take a nap or put a cold rag across your forehead

How to get rid of a headache fast without medicine?

Headaches are sometimes caused by dehysration, so I would try drinking a whole glass of cold water..taking a warm shower and letting the water just fall on your head usually helps me..and if that d... Read More »

Can pregnant women take headache medicine?

Always check with your health care provider FIRST, but in general, acetaminophen (tylenol) is the pain reliever commonly allowed during pregnancy.