Advice on bulking / gaining muscel?

Answer Start reading food labels to get a sense of howmany calories you're already eating. Then add 500to that number and start eating that many caloriesevery day. Aim to take in about one gram ofprotein ... Read More »

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How to know if u pulled a muscel?

You probably mean like a muscle in your shoulder not a muscel in you shourlder. You will have limited movement, some pain and reduced strength. They can be hard to prevent, but try avoiding stretch... Read More »

How to Cut After Bulking Up With Prohormones?

Bulking up is a difficult process which requires dedication to your diet and weight-training regimen. If you used prohormones during your bulking phase, you may have gained even more muscle than na... Read More »

Should I continue bulking, or cut down for summer?

bulk.. just bcus its about to be summer doesnt mean u need to cut. i would bulk for another two months to get as big as i can then cut

Gym 3 times a week and bulking up?

I was in your situation before and it seems that no matter how much I eat I was not gaining. It was only when I started eating more often that I found it a bit easier to eat a lot more than I imagi... Read More »