Advice on How to Change a Child's Last Name?

Answer Custodial parents can choose to change their child's legal name, but only with court approval. If parents do not follow the proper procedures for changing their child's last name, their child may h... Read More »

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Trying to change my look and i need YOUR advice!! PICS!!?

no boo plz dnt do that tacky a** hillary duff hairdo cuz its weak and totally NOT dramatic u should go for more of a celeb curl the color choice u chose was slightly perfect but darken it (or yur h... Read More »

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Youve had some excellent answers already, and some really unnecessary and crappy ones too......spotty dotty, was that really necessary? Ffs, its not as though the child is 3 or anything!!I just wan... Read More »

Does your assumption about someone's gender change how you view their parenting advice (ridiculously long)?

it is human nature to judge a book by it's cover. LOL, good experiment. Many of us coincide that a man could not possibly know how to parent as well as a more experienced mother. Your disadvanta... Read More »