Advice on How to Change a Child's Last Name?

Answer Custodial parents can choose to change their child's legal name, but only with court approval. If parents do not follow the proper procedures for changing their child's last name, their child may h... Read More »

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What is the origin of the last name Childs?

The surname Childs derives from the old English “cild,” meaning “child.” Originally used as a name for the oldest son of a nobleman or a youth training for knighthood, by medieval times the... Read More »

When there is no father listed on birth certificate can a mother change the last name of her child to the step parents last name?

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How do I change my name on facebook I entered it without spelling my whole last name?

Edit one or two letter at a time over multiple edits. Sometimes Facebook will reject a name if you start adding all of them at the same time.