Advertising on Facebook via

Answer I’ve signed to them and think its good. U get to browse loads of pages, profiles that u can advertise on and it costs a lot less than other forms of advertising. But it’s a little manual (have ... Read More »

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Is advertising on sites like Facebook illegal in the US?

Here in the US it is llegal do that kind of stuff. That's how myspae and facebook are free. They get money from the advertiser. So, they don't have to charge us for using their site. They charge th... Read More »

What is Web advertising?

Web advertising refers to any type of marketing that takes place on the Internet. Its various forms include traditional banner advertisements, corporate sponsorship of certain website features, ric... Read More »

Does youtube pay you to have advertising?…"Yes, you can earn money from your videos by monetizing them. That means Google Adsense puts ads on your videos. You have to make a Google Adsense account... Read More »

How to Do Email Advertising?

Email advertising is a method of getting leads for your firm. Many online companies are resorting to this method of advertising because it is cheap and easy to set up. How you do your email campaig... Read More »