Advertising Ideas for Bookkeepers?

Answer There are numerous ways in which you can advertise your business if you're a bookkeeper. The key is finding the right target market --- people who are most likely to use your service. Bookkeepers u... Read More »

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Good Advertising Ideas?

It has been said that "half of all the money spent on advertising is wasted. The trouble is figuring out which half." The source of this quote has been attributed to a dozen different business magn... Read More »

Product Advertising Ideas?

If you have a great product (or several products) you want to get in front of the buying pubic, there are several avenues to consider pursuing. Give some thought to fine-tuning your marketing ideas... Read More »

Cafe Advertising Ideas?

If you're starting up a new cafe and looking for a way to branch out into your community to get customers, here are some ideas on how to advertise. It's important to find ways to attract the attent... Read More »

Streetside Advertising Ideas?

Step out of the office and market directly to potential customers by advertising on the street. Rather than relying on costly and distant media advertisements to improve business, you can offer one... Read More »