Adventist Resources?

Answer Seventh-day Adventists comprise a sect of Christian believers in the Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA). The website for the Adventist News Networks counts the denomination's followers at 16.9 mill... Read More »

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Adventist School Resources?

Many Adventist teachers teach in a multi-grade classroom. These dedicated teachers usually operate on a limited budget with limited time. Resources that are free or inexpensive help Adventist class... Read More »

Are green roofs renewable resources or nonrenewable resources?

A renewable resource is any substance of economic value that can be replenished using less energy than it takes to supply. Grass and other perennial plants are considered renewable resources that h... Read More »

How to Become an Adventist Chaplain?

A chaplain is a highly trained religious clergy member with advanced, specialized education who has received a certified endorsement from her religious institution of choice. Comparable in status a... Read More »

What is a Seventh-day Adventist?

Seventh-day Adventist is a Christian denomination. Seventh-day Adventists are distinguished from members of other Christian denominations because they observe the Sabbath on Saturday instead of Sun... Read More »