Advantages of water:)?

Answer It's not so much the advantages water has that should make you drink it, it's the disadvantages everything else has. Keeps you hydrated.

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What are the advantages of drinking a lot of water ?

drinking lots of water gives you following benefits: Transports nutrients and oxygen into the cells Moisturizes the air in lungs Helps with metabolism Protects our vital organ Helps ... Read More »

The Advantages of Bottled Water?

In 2007 bottled water was a $15-billion-a-year industry in the United States, growing quickly and showing no signs of slowing down. Not everyone considers bottled water when thirsty because tap wat... Read More »

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Treated Water?

Water for drinking, cooking and beverage preparation is treated to avoid contamination. This happens from various bacteria, organic and inorganic chemicals and microorganisms found in the air and s... Read More »

The Advantages of a Countertop Water Distiller?

Many people are concerned with the impurities that are found in tap water and prefer to give their families clean and purified drinking water from countertop water distillers. There are many advant... Read More »