Advantages of the Right Brain?

Answer Weighing close to three pounds, the brain is a dense, squishy mass of protein and fat. It contains approximately 100 billion nerve cells (neurons), and acts like a control center for our bodies. Am... Read More »

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Are you mostly a "right-brain" or a "left-brain" person?

Medulla and amygdala only. I use the rest of the space for storing beer and candy.

Left Brain & Right Brain Tests for Kids?

Although each person uses both the right and the left side of the brain, most people favor one side over the other. This is often referred to as a "personality trait," but it really boils down to w... Read More »

How to Draw the Right Side of the Brain?

If you were just on How to be a mad scientist as a kid, this will teach you how to draw the right side of the brain for bionic tests.

Right Brain Learning Strategies?

Right-brain learning is typically less valued, and as a result methods for exercising your right brain are hard to come by. If students who learn predominantly with their right brain understand wha... Read More »