Advantages of a Carburetor Spacer?

Answer The carburetor spacer is something of an enigma in the world of hot-rodding. Spacers are cheap, fairly universal and use no moving parts, but they often boost power more than a number of parts cost... Read More »

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What Does a Carburetor Spacer Do?

Because most vehicles rely on a combustion for their power, the carburetor plays a truly critical role. In managing the blending of air and fuel, carburetors may need spacers to perform better and ... Read More »

I swallowed my spacer!!!?

What is a spacer for asthma?

Asthma spacers increase the effectiveness of medicine in a Metered Dose Inhaler. The spacer, which is a tube made of plastic or metal, attaches to the inhaler and increases the amount of medicine ... Read More »

DIY for a Throttle Body Spacer?

A throttle body ignition has performance advantages over the old carburetor setups that were used decades ago. Throttle body ignition allows more precise fuel pulses to enter the cylinders for comb... Read More »