Advantages of Pine Wood Tables?

Answer Although there are more than 100 species of pine, pine wood tends to lend a distinctive look to furniture. A durable, stylish and inexpensive soft wood pine can be an ideal choice for dining and c... Read More »

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Removing Dye From Wood Tables?

Dye is found in various household products, such as medicines, candy, markers and beverages. When dye comes in contact with wood tables, the substance quickly leaves an unsightly stain. If not remo... Read More »

How do I refinish wood tables?

Sand the TableSand the entire wood table with 120-grit sandpaper until the old finish is removed. Sand the table again with 220-grit sandpaper to smooth surface further.Apply SealerBrush a thick co... Read More »

How Do You Remove Heat Stains From Wood Tables?

One of the easiest ways to take care of wood tables is avoid placing hot objects directly onto the wood. Wood tables can be easily damaged by placing a hot pot, plate or even a pizza box on an unpr... Read More »

What kind of wood are shuffleboard tables made from?

Shuffleboards can be made from a variety of woods. According to McClure Tables, a shuffleboard maker, the best shuffleboards are made of hard rock maple. This type of wood has been widely used for ... Read More »