Advantages & Disadvantages to All Year School?

Answer All year schooling is not as difficult as it sounds. Students going to year-round schools go to school for the same amount of time, 180 days, as traditional schools. The main difference is that ins... Read More »

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Year-Round School Advantages & Disadvantages?

Year-round schools take a different tack on learning by using an all-year multi-track or single-track calendar. Summer vacations are eliminated, and students have shorter, more frequent breaks. The... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of School Trips?

A school field trip is a common option for schools to expand their students' learning experience. A well-organized school trip can be fun for students and give teachers a chance to conduct a lesson... Read More »

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a School Uniform?

Although wearing school uniforms is common within private schools, it has been a controversial issue for public schools. Parents, educators and students have their own views on whether uniforms ar... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of Boarding School?

Boarding schools present both advantages and disadvantages to the students who attend them and the families of the students. When deciding whether or not to send a child to boarding school, it is i... Read More »