Advantages & Disadvantages of Opportunity Sampling?

Answer As principal of a high school, you want to know if your students prefer Coca-Cola or Pepsi. You do not have time to ask all 5,000 students their preference, but the English teacher has offered to a... Read More »

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Systematic Sampling?

With statistics, people can make informed decisions. If a survey finds a percentage of workers in one industry receive an injury, young workers might factor that in when choosing a career. Sampling... Read More »

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Blu-Ray?

ADVANTAGE ! Blu ray has more information. More capacityDISADVANTAGE Costlier to manufacture.

Advantages & Disadvantages of ERP?

Enterprise resource planning, or ERP, manages a company's resources via a software system. ERP is designed to promote smoother, more efficient work flow among all parties, both internal and externa... Read More »

What are the advantages and disadvantages of LCD TV?

LCD TVS have the advantage when it come to having the brightest displays. However they do loss out for motion blur in high action images.