Advantages & Disadvantages of Contract Manufacturing?

Answer Contract manufacturing is a business model in which a hiring firm approaches a contract manufacturer with a design and request a given quota of how many units to produce and at what cost. The contr... Read More »

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The Disadvantages of Computer Aided Manufacturing?

Computer-aided manufacturing, also known as CAM, uses computer-generated designs (CADs) to build something, usually a salable product. Because of the way CAD and CAM interact, many manufacturers ha... Read More »

The Disadvantages of a Contract for Deed?

A contract for deed is a real estate transaction where the seller keeps the deed for the property until the buyer completes a series of installment payments. It is often used in situations where ty... Read More »

The Advantages & Disadvantages of an MBA?

Some students choose to pursue an area of study further after graduation from college and move on to earn a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). When deciding if earning an MBA is the right ro... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of a PLC?

A PLC, or Public Limited Company, is the legal designation of a company in the U.K. that gives or sells shares of the company to anyone who wishes to buy them and has limited legal liability. The L... Read More »