Adults who were brought up Vegetarian/Vegan from a young age did you stay Vegetarian/Vegan ?

Answer I wasn't brought up vegetarian but I tried my best to be! I ate basically no meat. When I was two years old I gave my dad a black eye because he wouldn't let the animals in the zoo out of their cag... Read More »

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Teens and young adults answer only or young at heart?

Yes when I lived at home with my family, we always ate together.It was my decision.Oh frequently.Yes I did my fair share.I am 23.

Hairstyles for Young Adults?

Hairstyles for young adults have evolved. In the past people selected hairstyles to fit their work environments, which sometimes landed them on the conservative side. However, as people begin to me... Read More »

Fun Party Games for Young Adults?

When planning a party, one of the key factors is ensuring that guests are entertained to keep the party going. For young adults, entertainment options can become difficult, as board games can preve... Read More »

What is your favorite beer No Young 'uns! Adults only please!?

i actually don't like beer. I like all the fruitty stuff instead.. my fave.. margaritas!!