Adoptive parents are least likely to influence the of their adopted perents?

Answer Personality Traits

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Does an adopted child have any say in who their adoptive parents will be For example may a teen in foster care who is going to be adopted decide if heshe wants to live with this new family?

Yes, when the family appeals in court the child gets the choice to say accept or deny this family.

How many adopted adults tell their adoptive parents?

I didn't tell my APs I was searching until a week before I found her. I didn't want to hurt their feelings, so I kept it from them. When I did tell them, they seemed to take it okay. But I've al... Read More »

Adoptive parents would you still have adopted if you could conceive?

Our (bio) daughter was just 1 year old when we got our son. I could have conceived again if I wanted (I believe) but I was not interested. We adopted because our son needed us and we were open to h... Read More »

How do adoptive parents feel about their adopted children?

Answer My Son is now 18 and I still worry and love him as much as the day he was born. And I will always consider him my son.