Adoptive Incentives Why are there so many programs to assist PAP's and so few to assist families?

Answer Oh, but didn't you know, they're introducing legislation to now give "birth" MOTHERS a tax credit for surrendering their children where for the first year of the childs life the "birth" mothers ( a... Read More »

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How can iPhone assist you?

In many ways:Voiceover for the blindBraile typing apps for the blindVibrate setting for the deafVoice-to-text for those unable to typeSiri for those unable to do almost anything

When did the US first assist Israel?

Diplomatically: 1948, one of the first countries (along with USSR) to recognize the state. Militarily: 1973 war. The 1948 war involved arms imports from the Eastern Bloc, the 1956 war was a "team"... Read More »

Is there really gov't grants out there to assist individuals?

Yes, there really are gov't grants. Matthew Lesko, even though he sounds like a doofus on TV has very informative books about what's available and how to qualify, etc. Here is a link to his info on... Read More »

Can someone assist, I'm looking to buy a colour printer?

I've always used HP's at home and college because they are reliable and last ages.A few weeks ago I bought myself an HP Deskjet F380 which does printing, scanning and photocopying. And it only cost... Read More »