Adopting an immigrant child in the US?

Answer how do i go on about getting a resident order

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If the father of your child is an illegal immigrant and abandoned you when you were pregnant can he obtain vistation rights to his child in Virginia?

Answer This is an extremely complexed issue, in that federal authorities have jurisdiction over immigration issues and state's establish domestic relation laws such as the custodial and/or visita... Read More »

Can an illegal immigrant living in the US adopt a child even a child from his own country?

Answer With all of the red tape and paperwork you will need to go through, it is not likely, especially if you plan to adopt from outside the US. Odds are you'll end up being deported yourself.

Can an immigrant come here for the birth of his child?

Not legally. Your child should be a citizen where you are, and not start a hassle over immigration.

What is involved in adopting a child?

Possibly, if he sues for paternity and wins.