Adobe won't open. Have reinstalled both reader and flash player.?

Answer this is really strange. I've had the exact same problem just over two weeks ago!! when i was installing norton gold edition. Ok, so this is what you should do:1. open the internet explorer.2. click... Read More »

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Why wont my computer download Adobe flash player 11?…try the above link if you havent installed it fom adobe websitefirst try the latest version option.and also try that debugger for IE if that dosent work.

I am trying to install the adobe flash player, since mine apparantly no longer works, but it wont install!?

Tools > manage add-ons > highlight 'Shockwave flash object' > enable.If it isnt there, it isnt installed.Are you using the flash uninstaller.…Finally goto ... Read More »

Adobe Reader problems. I need to install the version 8 but it wont allow it. I have tried cancelling 7....?

Normally you dont need to Uninstall version 7, to install version 8.1. But your problem seems unique. Try removing it completely from your computer along with anything else that supports the file. ... Read More »

Why do i have to re-download Adobe flash reader on Mac?

You don't. Who told you that you have to re-download it? You simply do not have to re-download it. Unless you trash the installer, it is still there in your "Downloads" folder.BTW, decide which one... Read More »