Adobe reader con't open any doc in my compter?

Answer adobe reader does not read doc files, it can only read pdf files

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How to Open .TBK Files With Adobe Reader?

A TBK file is a type of "memo backup" file created by a program called Microsoft Visual FoxPro. When you type memo information into FoxPro that information is stored in the form of a TBK file. If y... Read More »

How to Open a .Xsd File in Adobe Acrobat Reader?

An XSD computer file is a text-based file that contains instructions for the XML file it is associated with. Typically an XSD file contains data relating to exactly how the associated XML file will... Read More »

How to Open Adobe Reader Without the Preview Page?

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free, Portable Document Format (PDF) reading application that may be acquired from the Adobe Reader website. Adobe Reader enables security dialogs if a PDF is password pro... Read More »

Adobe won't open. Have reinstalled both reader and flash player.?

this is really strange. I've had the exact same problem just over two weeks ago!! when i was installing norton gold edition. Ok, so this is what you should do:1. open the internet explorer.2. click... Read More »