Adobe Premiere Pro, making Audio and Video together?

Answer Diwrnod da, Cube! In your Question and Additional Details, you didn't mention WHICH settings or format you wanted to Export your project to. Are you using the menu sequence "File" > "Export Timeli... Read More »

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How to Edit Video With Adobe Premiere Pro CS4?

First introduced in 2008, Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 was included as part of the CS4 suite of products. Other products in this release included Adobe After Effects, for motion video creation, and Adobe... Read More »

How to Mask Video in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro contains a variety of tools that allow you to add special effects to your video. Masked video eliminates the background around an object in your video clip, making the object appear to... Read More »

How to capture video in adobe premiere cs6?

You did not tell us which computer or operating system or a few other things.The Sony HDV camcorders record high definition video (HDV format) to digital tape (miniDV). They can also record to stan... Read More »

How to Import Video From HDV Camera With Adobe Premiere CS3?

Adobe Premiere is a popular desktop video editing program for home computers. Initially sold on its own, Adobe Premiere was soon rolled into the Adobe Creative Suite package in 2003. Although Adobe... Read More »