Adobe Flash isn't installing?

Answer Try reinstalling from the website,

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Installing a flash player that isnt adobe?

flash player that isnt from adobe I advice you to not to install problem some warm and ****. I think your trying to watch something online now they want you to use their plugin. dont install them d... Read More »

Why is adobe flash player not installing?

Don't do an online install. Download the Flash program and the close all programs on your computer.~Then run the Install. Only download programs from the original sites, never from any other site... Read More »

Installing adobe flash player 11?

Here's the page where you can download the Flash Player uninstaller programme, my friend.Scroll down to where it says 1. Download the uninstaller for Flash Player. There's a hyperlink just below t... Read More »

Installing Adobe Flash 10. HELP?

You *begin* the installation by going onto the web and clicking the install link.Once the install begins *then* you have to close firefox. The installation will then complete without firefox being ... Read More »