Adobe Flash isn't installing?

Answer Try reinstalling from the website,

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Installing a flash player that isnt adobe?

flash player that isnt from adobe I advice you to not to install problem some warm and ****. I think your trying to watch something online now they want you to use their plugin. dont install them d... Read More »

Installing Adobe Flash 10. HELP?

You *begin* the installation by going onto the web and clicking the install link.Once the install begins *then* you have to close firefox. The installation will then complete without firefox being ... Read More »

Having trouble installing adobe flash. Help?

You will get that message anytime you try to install something produced by a company not on your trusted list. If you know it is safe you can install it. Just to be sure, make sure to download it f... Read More »

Why is adobe flash player not installing?

Don't do an online install. Download the Flash program and the close all programs on your computer.~Then run the Install. Only download programs from the original sites, never from any other site... Read More »