Adjustments for Lawn Sprinkler Head Spray?

Answer Lawn sprinklers come in many forms such as soaker, rotary, impact and traveling. Each of these sprinklers has a unique spray head adjustment process. Adjustments can be made by the supplied tool or... Read More »

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How do I adjust the spray pattern of a Rain Bird sprinkler head?

Determine Sprinkler TypeDetermine what type of sprinkler head you have. Rain Bird manufactures sprinkler heads in pop-up and rotary styles. Pop-up sprinklers have a riser that "pops up" when water ... Read More »

How do I locate lawn sprinkler valves in lawn?

Find Valve PaperworkLocate any paperwork that came with the home when it was purchased. Irrigation plans are often kept in this paperwork. If irrigation plans are not found, contact the former owne... Read More »

Who invented the lawn sprinkler?

In 1871, J. Lessler of Buffalo, New York, was the first person to be awarded the patent for the lawn sprinkler. His invention has gone on to be a staple of gardening across the world.Source:Canada.... Read More »

Lawn sprinkler question?

If its an existing PVC pipe system, then you can do it. Find out how many zones and the size of the pipe attached to each gate valve. This will tell you the size and number of electric valves you'l... Read More »