Adjusting the Front Brakes on Your Harley?

Answer Throughout the years, Harley-Davidson motorcycles were equipped with either a drum or hydraulic disc front brake system. The older drum-style setup used a steel cable to pull a set of brake shoes ... Read More »

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How to Bleed the Front Brakes of a Harley Fat Boy?

Brakes on a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy motorcycle are hand-powered, hydraulically operated systems. Pressure generated at the master cylinder is contained by the hoses and delivered to the brake calip... Read More »

How to Change the Front Brakes on a Harley Davidson?

Harley Davidson brakes are a crucial component for controlling the motorcycle. The caliper is actuated by hydraulic pressure generated by hand pressure applied to the brake lever, which in turn pus... Read More »

How to Adjust Self Adjusting Air Brakes?

As self adjusting air brakes age and wear they will require adjustment. These brakes will only self-adjust within a certain tolerance; when the air brakes go beyond this tolerance they must be adju... Read More »

Adjusting Scooter Drum Brakes?

Many scooters made and sold today come with a disc brake on the front wheel, which generally involves working with a hydraulic fluid line and caliper for adjustments. However, the rear wheel on man... Read More »