Adequate funding for university?

Answer No, not if you are paying for your accomodation out of that too. You will need to subsidise that with a part time job at least.Halls usually costs £40-50 per week, if you think you can feed yourse... Read More »

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Which university gets the most U.S. government research funding?

According to the 2009 Annual Report of the Center for Measuring University Performance at Arizona State University, Johns Hopkins University received more federal funding for research than any othe... Read More »

If a driver hits a pedestrian and does not have adequate car insurance but does have adequate homeowner's insurance will it cover the accident?

Answer No. They are two totally different types of insurance.

What is adequate residential water pressure?

On One Hand: Proper PressureEstimates regarding proper residential water pressure range far and wide. Good water pressure keeps pipes free from bacteria build up and free from damage. According to ... Read More »

Can a pool's circulation be adequate with only one return jet?

AnswerLike most things in life, "it depends"! Yes, one return jet can be sufficient for an above ground pool or a smaller in-ground pool, maybe up to 15,000 gallons or so. But most large in-ground ... Read More »