Addition and Subtraction Games?

Answer Addition and subtraction are two basic math computations that we all learn at an early age. However, like many topics, addition and subtraction require practice and repetition before children can m... Read More »

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Games to Teach Addition & Subtraction?

Teaching math to children starts with the concepts of addition and subtraction. These concepts can be difficult for students to grasp. Creativity and imagination in lesson planning can lead to prod... Read More »

Addition & Subtraction Games for First-Graders?

Addition and subtraction are the building blocks of math, and as a first-grade teacher, you are in the important position of giving your students a strong mathematical foundation. Fortunately, you ... Read More »

Third Grade Math Games for Addition & Subtraction?

Third-grade students will enjoy using hands-on activities to learn about and review essential mathematical skills. These types of games and activities can be extremely beneficial for students of th... Read More »

How to Use Addition to Check Subtraction?

Many elementary mathematics teachers instruct their students to double-check their work when computing problems without the use of a calculator. An answer may be incorrect due to human error. When ... Read More »