Adding RAM to a computer?

Answer It is possible depending upon the slot available and the capacity of the slots. You need to check that first before investing something in buying new RAM. Thanks a lot !!!

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Adding ram to computer?

It's not as simple as that. It all depends on what RAM your motherboard supports.To save any speculation, do this.Start â–º Run or Search Programs and Files â–º [type in] â–º OKWhen the Sy... Read More »

How does adding more ram help a computer?

On average, doubling the amount of memory in your system will give you ample "space" to work and make an obvious difference in overall speed, especially with today's memory-hungry applications, suc... Read More »

What does adding memory to a computer do?

Adding memory to a computer gives it more high-speed storage space to use when running programs. With more memory, the computer does not have to retrieve data from the hard drive as often. This mak... Read More »

Will adding memory speed your computer up?

Adding random access memory (RAM) to your computer is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to speed your computer up. If you notice your computer operating slowly when multiple programs are ... Read More »